Increase Sales With Amazon Editorial Recommendations program

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Jul 4, 2021

July 4, 2021

Amazon Sponsored Ads costs continue to go up, and Amazon sellers feel the heat, but what can you do? If you are a private-label seller, there might be a solution for you, the Amazon Editorial Recommendations program.

What Is the Amazon Editorial Recommendations program

What Is the Amazon Editorial Recommendations program?

These are short blog posts found right in the Amazon marketplace from Amazon-approved affiliate marketers and Influencers.

This program follows under the Amazon affiliate program that was started as a way for third parties to recommend products to shoppers scrolling through the marketplace while in buying mode.

Note: Product claims, recommendations, and opinions presented in the editorial recommendation are those of the content creator and are not influenced by Amazon in any way.

Who Can Get Into Amazon Editorial Recommendations program?

Unfortunately, not every Amazon seller is eligible for this program since there is a minimum qualification to achieve before products can land to this spot.

  1. The product needs to be rated 3.8 and higher. Amazon doesn’t want lowly rated products to be recommended since customers would lose trust in editorials.
  2. Your product must be in the approved categories. Products in drug, sex, and religion-related categories are not allowed.
  3. Have plenty of inventory in stock
  4. The product listing should not have medical claims.
  5. The product should be among 20% best sellers in its category.
  6. The product should be making more than $30,000 a month.

The Benefits of Editorial Recommendations

1. Elegantly Displayed

Editorial recommendations are tied to given keywords, and when these keywords are searched on the Amazon marketplace, the blog post is displayed.

This gives you much-needed exposure to your product more than what your competitors receive. Given that the editorial recommendations are featured more prominently on the first page compared to sponsored products ads with words such as “Best,” “Best Budget,” and “Best Overall,” this motivates customers to buy.

The displayed benefits on the Editorial recommendations within search results make it much easier for customers to make a buying decision.

2. Act as Social Proof

Amazon shoppers are most inclined to trust your brand when the editorial recommendation comes from a trusted influencer.

Customers tend to trust editorial more than Amazons’ choice since they feel that the website pushes the most profitable products and is most helpful.

3. Increase Brand Awareness

I bet many Amazon buyers are not aware of your brand, and you could love to get awareness that some sellers enjoy. Having your brand endorsed by trusted influencers will draw many buyers to your brand, increasing its awareness.

4. Increase Awareness and Conversions

Exposure and social proof lead to more sales and a higher conversion rate than what your competitors receive. This can make sales go up by as much as 10x.

How Can Amazon Sellers get into the Amazon Editorial Recommendations program?

Since Amazon does not control the products found on these articles, sellers have to contact individual publishers.

1. How Much Does it Cost?

Individual publishers may charge one up-front fee or monthly fee depending on the agreement with the given seller.

The publisher also makes money every time someone purchases after clicking on the Amazon Recommendation links.

2. Will Everyone See My Products?

Some of those who search the given keyword you want to rank for will see Amazon Editorial Recommendation with your product.

This is because there are many third-party publishers on Amazon. Thus, editorial recommendations are shown in rotation to make sure all articles get displayed.

On average, the recommendation with your product will be shown 25% of all the searches that have your keyword.

3. Will I Experience a Sale Increase?

Mostly there will be an increase in sales; however, if you don’t experience an increase, you need to contact the publisher with whom you have partnered to discuss some changes you can do together.

4. Should I run Amazon ads when I have Amazon Editorial Recommendation?

Even if your product is on Amazon Editorial Recommendation, you should run sponsored ads to reach the 75% who do not see the article.

When you run ads while having Amazon Editorial Recommendation, this will also ensure the 25% who see the article get to see your product more through advertising, increasing the likelihood they will buy.

5. Will I write the Amazon Editorial Recommendation?

Unfortunately, you don’t have control over what goes to the blog post, and it all depends on what the publisher wants to add.


Amazon marketplace gives sellers a platform to reach millions of customers with ease, but such an opportunity comes with great competition. The competition keeps pushing the cost of getting sales on Amazon higher and higher, lowering the profit margin.

Amazon Editorial Recommendation Program gives sellers an excellent opportunity to lower the cost of doing business while increasing sales and conversions. Everyone eligible should take advantage of the program to increase their brand awareness while making sales.

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