A Great Product Description for an E-Commerce Store

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Sep 3, 2020

September 3, 2020

The product description is important in any e-commerce store or site. It is done both on the commodities and services that are available in the store. Obviously, a buyer will confidently place an order from the shopping basket of the e-commerce store if he or she has detailed information regarding the product of interest.

On the other hand, you are the seller or the store owner; your main objective is to maximize the profit. This is achieved by increasing the sales made at the e-commerce store. It’s important to note that a product description can scale up or down your market sales.

That’s why you, as the store owner, need to have compelling descriptions of your various products. This will attract more buyers and hence lead to an increase in your sales. A good description should attract customers towards your product and not scaring them away.

For you to compose a very distinct and compelling product description, you need to have the following in mind;

The features of the product

Every product has the characteristics that differentiate it from others. Knowing these features is key in giving the descriptions of the product and the entire product branding process.

Who the product is meant for

For instance, gender. A product can be for males, females, or both (unisex). The products can be universal, can take some age limits, and so on. After knowing your target consumers, you also need to understand when, where, and how it is used. Most products have some directions on how to use them in the descriptions. It’s advantageous because the buyer has nothing to worry about when using it.

Why buy the product?

You need to convince the shopper why he/she should buy from you and not from your competitors. So, your description should make the product stand out and compel the buyer to purchase it. Remember, this is not the only store. There exist many others selling the same product at varying prices. In fact, some sell the product at a considerably lower price than you do.

Short and to the point

The quality of your images contributes to the impression perceived by the buyer. Quality and clear images attract customers, while poor quality and unclear images drive away potential customers.

You can include statements in your description. However, make sure they are simple, short, and precise. Your statement must be relevant and be within the scope of the product.

Illustrations (images)

Images form a visual impression of how the product appears in the mind of the buyer. Most importantly, the appearance of the image can bring about either a positive or negative impression.

The image should show the appearance of the product from different views and angles. This helps in forming a real image in the mind of the buyer. Always know that the shopper just needs the exact product, as seen from the image. High quality and good-looking images help reduce the statement description of products.

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