Amazon Quality Control Services

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Oct 28, 2020

October 28, 2020

Why do you need Amazon quality control services? You have gone all the hustle to find a product to sell ON Amazon and found a factory to manufacturer your product but do the product meet the quality you need?

 That where product quality control comes in. When selling on Amazon, reviews are crucial, and with a low-quality product, you will get too many sub-5-star reviews, which will make buyers avoid your products. 

Amazon is known to suspend accounts with many sub-5-star reviews, so it’s essential to ensure your product meet the demanded quality.

When Should You Seek Amazon Quality Control Services?

When you have paid your inventory in full and shipped your products to the Amazon warehouse, you are in a place of no return. So if you get quality problems, it will be too late, and you will have wasted your time and money.  

You need to ensure the products meet all quality requirements and technical specifications before paying for them. You should send an inspector to access your products in the factory when manufacturing is about 80% complete. 

Why do you need Inspections Services? 

Why do you need Inspections Services

We all know manufacturing is not an exact science. Your question should not be if there is a quality problem, but how serious it is since, in a way, they are safe as taxes and death. 

You will always find minor problems such as minor cosmetics issues, brands, dart, and scratches.  

Quality control should be one of your Amazon selling strategies to avoid damages, invalid colors, incorrect design, incorrect labels, and detached pieces. 

Do Your Product Comply with Amazon Policies  

You must check three things during inspection to ensure your product meets Amazon policies; otherwise, they will not accept your shipment.

1. Labeling 

Your label should have a white background, readable, and have the correct information. It also needs to be one unique scalable barcode!

2. Packaging 

Packaging needs to be dirt prove, leakage prove, and breakage prove. Since your package can be roughly handled when being shipped to Amazon warehouse or to the buyers’ shipping address, the carton drop test is a must.  

3. Quality Per Carton

Each carton should have the same quantity and shouldn’t have mixed SKUs. 

Please ensure you follow these requirements; all you may face extra charges from Amazon or your inventory be turned away from Amazon warehouse.  

If you are not using Amazon FBA, you need to work with your manufacturer to ensure your requirements are met.   

How Quality Control Saves You Money

How Quality Control Saves You Money

Once or twice you might get away with not paying for Amazon Quality Control Services but when things go wrong it might cost you a fortune.

What are QC Inspectors Looking for?

These are the main things inspectors look for:

  • Contract product quality
  • Function check (more in-depth functionality)
  • Workmanship check (basic function and appearance)
  • Conformity check (shipping conformity, packing, label, color, style)
  • Quantity verification 

Your product should match Amazon standards as well as your specification. If you find big issues, then you should ask the manufacturer to remake or repair the product.   

The benefit of Quality Control

QC can be really beneficial when importing from China.

1. Successful Product

You will learn the parameters a product must-have for it to be successful in the market. When you are aware of the parameters, you will be able to give clear instructions to the manufacturer. 

This means the manufacturer will abide by your parameters, which will ensure you get high-quality products. 

2. Customer Satisfaction

When you leave your customer satisfied, it will be easier to get five-star reviews on Amazon, which will ensure your business is successful in the long run. 

This will improve goodwill and loyalty, which will make it easier for your brand to grow. 

3. Cost Reduction

When you do quality control, it means you will use only the necessary material. When you avoid law material wastage, then your cost of production drastically goes down. 

What is the Cost of Poor Quality Control? 

You might be faced with three poor quality control cost if you submit low-quality products to Amazon FBA.

1. Internal Failure Costs

You will incur this cost if your product needs to be reworked before it is sent to your customer right in the Amazon warehouse. 

2. External Failure Costs 

You incur this cost when replacing or refunding a product that a customer received with a defect.

3. Appraisal Costs

You incur this cost when inspecting your shipment quality when it is still in the manufacturer’s warehouse.

Some of Trusted Quality Control Companies 

The company you choose for quality inspections may make or break your Amazon business; thus, you must choose carefully.

These are the most trusted Amazon quality control companies out there.

QIMA (Formerly Asiainspection)


QIMA conduct product inspections in all the manufacturing stages

  • IPC – Initial Production Check
  • DUPRO – During Production Inspection
  • PSI – Pre-Shipment Inspection
  • CLC – Container Loading Check
  • PM – Production Monitoring

QIMA also does video inspections where you get to watch the inspector conduct the process in the field and send a fully illustrated inspection report. 

Ensure you get everything that goes down during inspection – ask the inspector to provide you with footage and edited film. 

If you are sourcing products to sell on the USA and EU market, QIMA will be great for you. It is an accredited lab by major standardization authorities like Sedex, SA8000, C-TPAT, REACH, California Prop 65, EN-71, ISO 9001, and China National Service Accreditation for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). This will give you easy access to the USA and EU marketplace. 

They will check your food products and consumer goods and offer lab testing & certifications, and supplier audit. You can also ask for services such as container loading check, initial production check, production stage check, production monitoring, and pre-shipment inspection. 

They have a regional office at Wenzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen in China. 

What Are Their Charges? 

1. Product Audit

$309/man-day for Zone A – Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and China.

$409/man-day for Zone B – Brazil, USA, Europe, and some Asian countries. 

2. Supplier Audit 

$649/man-day for Zone A and $849/man-day for Zone B.

3. Laboratory Tests

The cost varies based on the type of test

Industries Covered 

They include precision tooling, automotive parts, machinery, food containers, beverages, meat & poultry, seafood, processed foods, fresh produce food items, toys & recreational, promotional products, jewelry, eyewear, electrical & electronics, cosmetics, textiles & fabrics, footwear, garments & apparel.  

So if you are ordering from China/Asia, you should check them out. 


Another quality control company that will help you build business relationships with the right suppliers is V-Trust. They operate in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, and China! 

They have been in business for more than 16 years, so they have experience with all sorts of products. They deal with apparel, fabric, cosmetic, bakery goods, soft goods, electrical & electronics, etc. 


They also offer supplier evaluation, certifications, and laboratory testing, social compliance audit, factory audit, container loading supervision, production monitoring, during production inspection, and pre-shipment inspection. 

Some of their pricing includes:

  • $298 per credit audit
  • $498 per factory audit
  • $368 per basic factory audit
  • $498 per social compliance audit
  • $268 per man-day for product inspection

They offers low charges compared to QIMA! 

FBA Inspection  

Another Amazon Product Control services you should check out is FBA Inspection. 

Alibaba Pre-Shipment Inspectors

Alibaba not only offers you an extensive directory of manufacturers, but it can also link you up with a Quality Control inspector near the manufacturer’s factory. Alibaba verifies the inspectors the recommend firsthand, so you should be confident while using them.

The inspector will visit the factory and prepare a written report and compile pictures. The quality controller personnel ensure your products meet set criteria as well as those you have specified.      

You can follow the inspection in real-time, and the full report only takes 2 days to prepare.  

Quality Control Cost

When you use Alibaba Quality Control inspectors, it will cost you around $300 per shipment.  

Trading Company 

Avoid dealing with trading companies since they only reseller other people’s products. To have more quality control, you should use manufacturers. When using Alibaba, you should check for a business registration license!

Using Alibaba Inspection Service 

Using Alibaba Inspection Service

If you want to use Alibaba Quality Control Service, you should choose a company with a Trade Assurance badge.  

Trade Assurance badge is Alibaba’s built-in protection service that covers the order that is placed and paid through their site. 

Should You Use Quality Control Services  

Always use a quality control inspector unless you have been doing business with the manufacturer for a long time without any issues.   


Thanks for reading this far, and I hope everything is clear now regarding Amazon Quality Control Services. If you feel something is not clear, then leave us a comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible in a detailed answer.

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