Increase Amazon Conversions with Product Videos

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Jan 21, 2021

January 21, 2021

Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but the Product Videos might improve Amazon conversions and help you make money. Videos build brand affinity, inform consumers, promote products and increase sales. 

Videos will help you convince a potential customer that they will be making the right decision when purchasing your product by establishing trust. Highlight the key features which make your product exceptional! 

All 60, 000 plus US sellers with a brand registry can add videos to their listings to increase Amazon conversions. With over 90% of customers saying videos influence their buying decisions and conversions improving by 80% when landing pages have videos, videos are a game-changer. 

How can you add videos on listing to increase Amazon conversions?

a. Brand registry 

It is free to upload your product video.

b. Vendor 

Amazon charge $1500 for every video you upload.

c. Customer video review

You shouldn’t try to control your reviews directly. A video review will go a long way to impress your future customers.

Even though it may take time, keep asking customers to leave a video review as potential buyers could love to see past customer using the product this will improve your Amazon conversions.

Why do you need videos in your Amazon listings?

a. Give information Quickly 

Videos help shoppers get the information they need quickly, and 79% of online shoppers prefer to get product information through video rather than text.

The thumb rule is shorter is better. You should make 15 to 30 seconds long videos if you want to grab the visitors’ attention and increase the Amazon conversions.  

b. Reduce Negative Reviews 

Reduce Negative Reviews

Videos that clearly show the customer what to expect and not expect from the product help shoppers to buy only what meets their needs.  

c. ALO – Amazon Listing Optimization 

Videos are a key component of Amazon Listing Optimization, so it will help you rank high on Amazon marketplace. Who doesn’t want that?

Types of videos you can use on your listings 

a. Explainer videos 

These videos show visitors the benefits they will get when using your product and the feeling they will have — Strick their emotional chord and sell on their pain points.  

Products whose visual alone can’t show their benefits such as nutritional supplement need a video explaining how to use them and the benefits the customers receive. 

b. Comparison videos

If you are selling a product similar to other sellers but with a key different feature to solve a problem that the other products do not, comparison video may help you increase your Amazon conversions.

Show how your product fixes these common issues, for example, if your product provides a hard grip compared to the competitors’ you should show it in the video.    

c. Product Highlighting Video

This video focuses on the product to give the customers a closer look as if they were viewing it in a store. Footwear and clothing do well with these types of video, and it would be a plus if you added audio explaining the benefits.

d. Customer experience Video

These kinds of video show as customers interact with the product to show a potential buyer what to expect from the product. You can use these videos with toys and beauty products. 

e. FAQ Videos 

Answer any question that customers might have while using your products. The best way to get the best question to answer is to head to your competitor reviews section and check on one and two stars reviews.

Check those negative reviews that happened since the customer didn’t understand the product.

For example, if a customer gave a bad review just because the battery was dead, you can put up a video showing why the product is not working and how they can solve the problem with a new pair of batteries. 

What makes a good Amazon Video?

What makes a good Amazon Video
  • Have a tree in it – Customers love trees
  • Show your brand – Let customers remember you
  • Unique – Show why your product is better
  • Emotional – Sell your customer on emotion to increase your Amazon conversions
  • Give experience – show the product being used
  • Show benefits – Show benefits for each feature of your product 
  • High quality – You should have good audio and lighting 
  • Not salesy – Make your video useful and informative about the benefits of your products rather than trying to force the products to customers
  • Use English – Video must be in English 

What Makes a Great Amazon Video?

Yes, video is the future; however, your Amazon video should meet certain criteria to be part of that future. 

a. High-Quality Video

Amazon only accepts high-quality videos. They only accept videos of MPEG-2, MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, AAC or 3GP formats. You must mention the type of video you are uploading!

Use high-quality mics, camera, tripod, reflectors and lights to come up with high-quality videos to improve your Amazon conversions. Use a camera with at least 1080HD, and if you have a high-quality phone, you can use that too. 

b. Video Thumbnail 

Thumbnail should have either JPEG or PNG formats and have 1920 x 1080px dimension and 16:9 aspect ratio. 

c. Video Title

Your video title should not exceed 100 characters. 

d. Video Summary 

You need to give a summary that doesn’t exceed 400 characters to help visitors know what the video is about before watching it.

How to Upload Amazon Video? 

a. On EBC 

If you are a brand registered or a vendor, then use enhanced brand content to upload your product video on Amazon.

Step 1: Log in to your seller Central and click on advertising and from the dropdown click on Enhanced Brand Content

Step 2: Enter the SKU for the product you are uploading the video for

Step 3: Choose the template you would like to use and insert all the images and text 

Step 4: Upload video thumbnail, title, video file and description 

Step 5: Save the information

Step 6: Submit for approval. Your video will take around one week to be approved. But if they reject it, just edit the information you submitted to meet the provided condition.

b. As a Customer review

Video Customer review

It can be hard to get video customer review, however you can send a personalized email to your customer to ask for a video review.

So how does customer upload their amazon video reviews?

Using a Desktop 

Go to the detail page for the product you would love to leave a review. If you ordered the product within 90 days, you could find it by scrolling down the current page. If you ordered the product more than 90 days ago, click on the ‘Past 3 Months’ menu. Or search for the product by its name.

When you find the specific order, click on the gray button ‘Write a product review.’

Rate the product between 1 and 5, one being for the worst rating then click the + button to add the video.

Select a video from your laptop that you would like to upload as the product review and

enter both the title and text for your review.

Once done, submit the review to give Amazon a chance to verify it follows their guideline. It will go live within 48 hours if it doesn’t violate the outlined rules.

Using A Phone

Open the Amazon app and click on the three lines on the bottom right corner of your screen to access the menu. If you purchased the product within 180 days, you will find the product by scrolling the current page, but if you bought it before this duration just search it by name.

Once you find the product, click on Write a customer review. On the header ‘how’s your item,’ click ‘Write a product review’ and select the star rating you would love to leave on the product. 

Tap on the camera icon to upload Amazon video review from your phone and add title and at least 75 characters to help other buyers on Amazon when making their buying decision. Click on the submit button to upload your review. 

Amazon video review and social media

Do you want to share your Amazon reviews with your Facebook or Twitter followers? Then connect your Facebook and Twitter with your Amazon for you to share your review on Social media. You can even monetize this by adding an affiliate link to the product and make some dollars with every successful Amazon conversion that happen from the link. 

Things to Avoid on Your Amazon Video

  • Don’t mention your competitors on your video 
  • Don’t promise free shipping 
  • Don’t give contact outside Amazon
  • Don’t mention the price or say your prices are better
  • Don’t use terms search as best-selling product or number one seller
  • Don’t show customer reviews. If you do the review must be less than a year old and also provide accurate product information
  • Don’t provide information that takes people away from Amazon platform
  • Don’t use terms search as on sale now
  • Don’t imply celebrity endorsement 
  • Don’t use health claims 

Music to use for your Amazon Product Video

  • Choose music that complements the rest of your video to avoid overwhelming or distracting your viewers. 
  • Don’t use copyrighted music without permission and look for royalty-free music that doesn’t cost arm and leg. 
  • Ensure to download the highest quality possible to have high-quality videos. Low-quality audio may ruin even your best-looking video.  

What if I don’t have big capital 

If you are selling many products on Amazon and you could like to use a video on all the products but you are shortage on funds to make professional videos for all of them, don’t worry.

One video can be used for up to 2000 ASINs on Vendor Central and 300 in Seller Central. So, you can make only one general video about your brand and use it on all your products.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Videos

If you run ads, you should be taking advantage of sponsored brand videos to increase visibility and Amazon Conversions.

What Is Amazon Sponsored Brand Videos?  

When you use sponsored brand videos, your video will be shown to Amazon visitors while scrolling on Amazon shopping results. When visitors enter keywords that you have optimized your ad for, they will see your video on desktop and mobile devices. 

You will be charged per click and customers will be directed to your sales page where you can make an Amazon conversion.

What makes video ads great?

What makes video ads great

Video ads give you a simple way to target your ideal clients on Amazon while searching for similar products using keyword targeting.  Amazon Sponsored video ads have shown to cost less per click compared to other types of ads. 

Amazon adds pricing, prime eligibility, review count, and star rating will be shown below your video. This will increase your Amazon conversions! You should add captions since these videos are in mute by default and the text helps you pass on your message. 

Where Should You Send Sponsored Brand Video Viewers?

a. Amazon Store Page

You can direct viewers to your brand page. This is great if you have a big product collection as it will help you show visitors different types of product you offer as a brand.

b. Product Landing Page

If you don’t have a big collection or think it’s better to convert a single product, you can send them to a given product page.

c. Category Page

If you have a category with a variety of products, you might want to send visitors to a group of related products. This will help them in case they want to choose another product other than the one in the ad. 

How Can You Make Your Ad Video Standout? 

a. Add caption 

Many viewers have their volume turned off as they scroll on Amazon marketplace, and you need caption if you want them to get your message. 

b. Loop Seamlessly 

Sponsored Brand Videos play in loop; thus, you have to ensure your videos have a great translation from end to beginning if you want to improve Amazon conversions.  

Adding Product Video about Your Book on Amazon

You can a video about your book on Amazon on two different places to increase sales and become the best seller. You can add the video on author page and related video shorts section!

How to Add Video to Amazon Author Page?

Now, you have claimed your author page on but how do you standout of the crowd? There are many ways to achieve this but we all know that video is the future and with a high-quality video will put your book in the center of it. 

Where do you get a video to upload on Amazon Author Page?

The is no limitation for video you can upload. Record a video as you unbox your book receive it at your house, at your signing event or at event like this and share on your Amazon Author Page.

The video must follow the guideline I highlighted above.

How Do I Upload a Video to Amazon Author Page?

I have attached a less than a minute video to help you when uploading the video to Amazon Author Page. We can help you optimize your book listing to improve Amazon SEO to increase sale.

Adding Video Clips in Related Video Shorts Section

You can upload videos about your books on “Related Video Shorts” section found below your Amazon book listing and the editorial reviews section. Anyone can upload video through this section so you can ask your readers to upload a video for you to improve the Amazon conversion rate.

step by step on how to add videos about your book on Related Video Shorts Section

Where will videos appear?

Once approved by Amazon, the video will appear below your product description and it will help increase Amazon conversions. 

How Long Does It Take to Appear on My Book Listing?

After uploading your video Amazon will take a day or two to ensure that the video meets their requirements. If you have followed all the guidelines provided your video will go live.

Can you Share Your Video on Social Media?

Yes, just grab the video URL and post it on Facebook and Twitter to increase its exposure and increase Amazon conversions.

How to Add Amazon Product Videos Without Being Brand Registered? 

Can you add Amazon product videos without being brand registered? Yes, you can. Is it against Amazon’s policies? No, you won’t lose your Amazon seller account by using this method.

Most people only apply to be brand registered only for the ability to add videos on their listing, which keeps many from using this feature to increase Amazon conversions. 

So how can you add product video when you are not yet brand registered to improve your Amazon conversion? Using hijackers, yes, you can use them to improve your Amazon conversions.

Who are Amazon Hijackers?

When you are not registered as a brand, then Amazon owns your product, and they allow other sellers to sell their products on your listing. Hijackers have a bad reputation since they only take advantage of your hard work, drive prices down, and since most of them sell low-quality products, they only increase your listing bad reviews. 

How do I use Amazon Hijackers to increase Amazon conversions?

Amazon Hijackers can be anyone, including Amazon vendors, and since vendors have the ability to add videos on product pages, you can take advantage of this and increase Amazon conversions. Find an Amazon vendor willing to upload a product video to your listing.

Does the Vendor provide Amazon Product Video?

You are the one who creates the video then passes it to the vendor willing to add the video to your listing. 

Where do you find a vendor willing to help?

Getting a vendor willing to help can be stressful, but there is always an answer to everything. Your simplest answer is Fiverr, as you can find gigs almost for anything you can think of on the platform.

Question to ask gig sellers

This service’s price varies from seller to seller, but you need to know what the gig offers before hiring a seller. Some will just add a video on the review section, but you need it to reflect on your product page. 

How long before the Amazon Product Video reflect on your Listing?

Don’t be in a rush; it may take up to a week for the product video to show on your Amazon listing. But isn’t it worth the wait?


55% of online shoppers start their product search on Amazon, and video offers you a great way to capture customers attention and increase Amazon conversions.

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