Do customers read product descriptions online?

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Sep 4, 2020

September 4, 2020

Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Flip kart, and other eCommerce sites have product descriptions for the listed products. An e-commerce product description helps you in marketing your products. It enables you to convince your potential customers that you have the best product for them and that it’s worth buying. Now most sellers’ worries are on whether the shoppers do take time to read these descriptions.

Online Customers Differ

From research, there exist theories on consumer behaviors. The term consumer here still applies to your customers since they end up being the buyers and users of your product. The consumer behavior is bounded by an assumption that tends to generalize consumers in a similar path. To me, that’s not true. It would help if you had in mind that customers are not always the same.

Product Descriptions Highlight Benefits  

Consumers read the product description before making purchases online. This is the only way for online customers to know about the product and its specifications. That is why all most all online stores provide the exact and trusted description of the products at their stores. Customers’ always reading through your product description is an assumption that doesn’t necessarily uphold.

Product Description Only Offers Insights  

Even in huge online market stores like Amazon, they are much aware of the customer’s indifference behaviour. Shoppers have different preferences and tastes regarding the various products on your e-commerce site. This varying tastes and preferences drive the prospect customer into reading the product description since he likes and is much interested in the product. There are high chances that the customer will not go through the description of a product that he is not interested in. Although the product description aims to enable shoppers to gain taste and preference towards a product they have never liked, some don’t have that in mind.

Descriptions Greatly Help with Rational Customers  

What is meant by rational customers? Rationality on customers coils on how they need to spend their limited amount of income on purchasing products with a key aim of acquiring maximum satisfaction. This will lead the shopper to read the product descriptions. It’s from the product information that he will know the price and attributes of the item. If it provides him with the utility he needs, then he buys the product.

The Price May Drive Customers to Read Product Description

Also, the question of whether customers do read online product descriptions depends on the type of product. Generic (having no brand or registered trademark) or low priced mostly don’t give a much-felt impact from their descriptions. Just think about the commonly used household items. On the other hand, pricier items like electronics will surely drive potential customers to read its description. This is so because they want to know the technical product specifications.

Break Down Your Copy for Easy Scanning

Finally, research shows that most shoppers scan through the product description. They do so to get important information about the product. That’s why it’s vital to have key points regarding the product features and specifications in your description.

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