Easy Way to Optimize your Amazon Product Listing for FBA

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Sep 1, 2020

September 1, 2020

At Amazon product listing optimization is very essential. ATTENTION! Amazon is an online e-commerce marketplace that exhibits a complete perfect competition environment. This demands the sellers to really invest in the product listing optimization for their product to rank top at Amazon. Proper listing and optimization of your product gives you a competitive advantage. Hence you are able to score out your competitors. It’s important to note that apart from desktop optimization, listing optimization for mobile app is also crucial.

Having understood the importance of product listing optimization, the question now arises. How will you optimize your product listing? This has remained a puzzle to most sellers at Amazon market site. The optimizing tool we have here refers to the strategy that you need to employ. Note this is from my opinion.

I am helping to help you out. Therefore, I will not hesitate to share with you the strategy that will act as a key tool in optimizing your product listing. Just find them below.

  1. Product Description: Being aware that your prospective customers need to know about your product, it’s important to have a compelling product description regarding your product.
  2. Product Title: Product title bears the most weight in Amazon SEO. Incorporate relevantly and target keywords in your title. Still, you should not write a title with irrelevant keywords. Include all the main features in the title because everyone reads the product title.
  3. Relevant and Quality Keywords: Keywords must be placed carefully in your content and back end search term section as well. Keywords help you rank high and increase your visibility. Your listing will get indexed on many keywords which will eventually get more traffic on your listing hence more sales.
  4. Product Features: Outline your product features in bullet points in the listing. Amazon allows up to five bullet points in the listing. After reading your product title and looking at images, serious buyers will definitely read your product bullet points. Talk about product use and how it will solve the customers’ problems. Mention features and at the same time convince your potential shoppers to buy your product.  Write with the aim of winning their mind and trust.
  5. Product Images: Let your product image give a clear visual impression and also give a story that can coax the buyer to purchase your product than your competitors.  Amazon recommends a minimum of seven images. If your brand is registered with Amazon, you can include a product video too.
  6. Product Classification: Some shoppers browse products through categories. Always get your product in the right category. Do some research and find out what category Amazon is recommending and choose the right category so that more people can see your listing.
  7. Delivery: You should be effective in your deliveries. Customers like free and fast shipping.  No matter how good your listing is Amazon requires if fulfilled. If not so it isn’t going to reach its potential.

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