How Can I Write and Optimize Amazon Product Description to Increase Sales

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Sep 4, 2020

September 4, 2020

Behind any successful Amazon online sale, there exists a perfect and compelling product description. Most product description writers just focus on the features of the products. They also go a step further and answer customers’ questions like; why they need to buy the product, where, when, and how it is used. However, they don’t really optimize their descriptions fully since there are some key factors that they don’t put into consideration.


Communication is an essential tool in product description writing. Being an Amazon seller, you need to know that your customers are English speakers. They first become your readers and then your customers. Therefore, Amazon product descriptions should be in a language that your customers are conversant with. This makes your prospective customers understand the information about your product well enough.

Target Audience

Who are you writing the product description for? Who will be purchasing your product? Knowing and identifying your audience enables you to give them the relevant details regarding your product.

Product Research

You need to invest mostly in extensive research about your product. Don’t hesitate to gather information from your manufacturers and suppliers.This enables you to have maximum knowledge concerning your product as a seller. Once you know what you are providing to your prospective customers, you can confidently answer all the buyers’ questions that they might have. Also, check out on your competitor’s product information to see if you are moving on the right path. Every seller wants to lead in market sales.


From your description, try and give a solution to some of the problems your customer encounters. Fixing customers’ pains build their trust regarding your product. Read reviews and understand the issues raised by previous buyers.

Writing format

This entails the use of captivating titles and features of your product in the product description. As you write, always have in mind the key features of your product. You should also try to incorporate visual images of the product.

Keyword Research Tools

Make use of relevant and accurate keywords. This absolutely optimizes your product description on Amazon since these are the terms your potential customers are using when searching on Amazon Search Engine.


The appearance of your product description page on various devices is essential. Some of these devices are tablets, phones, and laptops. Research shows that most shoppers use mobile devices. Therefore, you need to know how your product is displayed on these devices.

Adding on the above tips, you need to put yourself in the buyer’s situation. Having this mindset will make you understand what the shoppers really need. This enables you to write a product description that will coax your potential buyers to purchase your product online. You can also try and shop on the Amazon store yourself. This gives you the real experience that your customers also get when buying your products. 

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