How Long Should Be Your Product Description?

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Sep 1, 2020

September 1, 2020

Be it for Amazon, Shopify, or for a personal eCommerce site, the length of the product description is a disturbing issue even to many professional product description writers. You don’t have to stress yourself on trying to figure out how long or short your description should be. Now just relax and feel comfortable because your fear is no more. You just need to know your product, who needs it, where, when, and why it should be used. Below are important tips that you should have in mind while writing your product description;

  • At first, it’s always important to have a product description format in mind. The format should be eye-catching and also accommodate the key product information. So, don’t let the issue of length tie up your creativity. JUST DO IT!

  • At first, it depends on the kind of product at hand. Some require lengthy descriptions whereas others just need brief descriptions. You need to know the attributes and features of your products and more important their benefits. A product with many features leads to a lengthy description and vice versa. However, you can still avoid the long descriptions by just picking the key features of the product.

  • Basically, most online shoppers scan through the product description. Therefore try using bullets with short, relevant, and precise statements for the key features of your product. Note that a small paragraph concerning your product is still vital.

  • There also exist technical products in your online store like electronic products. Their description is automatically long. This is so because they need to entail directions on how the product should be used. This adds to your competitive advantage since the shopper’s problems on how to use the product are solved. Therefore it’s important to write product descriptions of technical products using this strategy. It does not only compel prospective customers but also leads to an increase in your store’s sales rate.

  • A key thing to look at in your product description is how well is your product differentiated from the other complementary products in various stores. This requires you to tell a story about the product. How it’s made, can it be customized, and even the various varieties that it’s packed into. Descriptions of such manner make your products stand out and are ranked best by the shoppers.

  • Incorporate quality images and even videos of your product in the descriptions. Quality and clear product images give a vivid visual impression in the mind of the customer. They also make your product description less wordy. Images should be taken from different angles to make the description more compelling and attractive. Unclear and low-quality images will drive away prospective customers.

Lastly, the main concern is how well you compel your customers. Though it takes the length, SEO  keywords, or how good you describe your product, what really matters about your product description is how well it helps in selling your product and hence increase your store sale rates.

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