Easy 6 Steps to Sell Books on Amazon

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Oct 6, 2020

October 6, 2020

Learn how to sell books on Amazon to avoid going through a hard time putting your book for sale online like it was a few years ago. With simple steps, you can start selling eBooks on Amazon to reach millions of readers on Amazon Marketplace. 

However, with great opportunity comes with a great challenge. To get in front of millions of visitors who use Amazon comes with stiff competition from sellers fighting for the same space.    

Why Sell Books on Amazon 

Yes, you can list your book on your website, but it’s hard to ignore hundreds of millions of Amazon users from around the world.   

So what do you get?

  • Amazon will let you keep much of the money
  • Amazon Prime has more than 90 million subscribers in the USA alone giving you a big audience 
  • KDP is 100% free 

What eBook Format

Amazon only accepts kindle format eBooks, but this shouldn’t deter you from using it since they automatically convert your eBook when you upload it. 

There are just simple steps you need to do when listing your book on Amazon: 

Create an Amazon Kindle Direct (KDP) Publishing Account  

Do you want the freedom to get past gatekeepers and not to write proposals and sample chapters to please agents? Then KDP account is all you need.

Head to Amazon and register for a free account and once you are registered you be taken to your “Bookshelf” where you find all book you have for sale with Amazon. 

How Do You Bit Competition 

If you want your book to hit and make real money, then you need a strategy to bit the competition. 

Add your eBook to the Bookshelf. 

On the left-hand corner of KDP account, you will see “Add New Title” tab which you should click to enter your book’s details.

Uploading your eBook   

You can just upload a Word or PDF file which will be automatically converted to kindle format.

So you have put your book for sale online what next.

Putting your book on Amazon doesn’t mean sales will start streaming in, there are simple things that can ensure you start getting sales.

To attract the right audience to your product, you have to do listing optimization for your book. This will ensure you rank on the first page for categories of book you are selling.   

Things to make your eBook listing stand out:

1. Keyword Research

Use helium 10 to know terms people are using when searching for books related to the topic you cover on Amazon.   

You can’t blindly write a listing without putting these terms and hope to start making sales. On Helium use magnet to find actionable Amazon-related search terms and long keywords on the market to skyrocket your sales. 

2. Product Description

No one is willing to spend money on something that they don’t know if it will suit them. You need to show your potential customer how your eBook will make their life better before they commit to buying it.

You can give them a little peak to what they will find in the book and list things they will get from the book.

Don’t forget to use the keywords you found in the title, bullet points and product description itself.

3. Image  

When listing your book, don’t forget the image since it shows people what the book is all about. 

You can use the cover of the book as the main image. If you don’t have, don’t worry, we can help you do it all you can head to Fiverr and get a designer to help you. 

4. Backend Keyword 

Use the keywords from helium 10 on the backend to tell Amazon who to show your listing to.  

5. Reviews 

Shoppers browsing on Amazon marketplace will check on two things price and reviews. If there are no reviews then no deal!

“If so many people are buying this product, it can’t be that bad” this is the popularity bias. 

So how do you get reviews? 

Utilize personal email follow-ups for every buyer who purchases your book. With follow up emails you will experience increase of reviews you get from those who buy your book.

Yea, I know you don’t have time to sit and write an email to every customer who buys your book. So use this follow up tool to balance between personalization and automation. 

You can also use rebate key to get reviews fast and drive sales to your book and start earning from your talent. 

Here are more ways to get reviews as you sell books on Amazon.

6. PPC 

Amazon PPC or Sponsored Products can help you amplify your sales as you sell books on Amazon but only when it is executed properly.

If you want to do Amazon PPC without breaking your bank, we can help you with it. Just make an order and will make you rank on the first page for several terms without having to pay a fortune to do it.  

You have to optimize every iteration for improved visibility, efficiency, and performance in the marketplace. 

Sell Books on Amazon 

After putting your book for sale online you can sit and relax, the money will start streaming in, and you can start writing your second book. 

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