How should a product description page look like?

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Sep 1, 2020

September 1, 2020

This is the main concern for every seller in the e-commerce industry. Basically a product description should be compelling so that it can make your potential customers buy your product. Most importantly, if you already know what product description is you are on the right path. Going through product description templates makes you really understand how a product description should actually look like.

A good product description should entail the features of the product. Also, the ability of your description to communicate to the buyer and hence coax him to purchase your product should not be left out. That is why it is advisable to hire well skilled and professional product description writers if need be.

The appearance of your product description page comprises of several features:

Titles: Titles and headlines are very important when writing product descriptions. They should be captivating. However, this is just the beginning. You also need to focus on the entire content of your description.

Language: It’s a medium of communication. Ensure the language in your product description is the English language. It’s an international language.

Colour. The color you chose must be attractive. Most preferably use white for your background.

Text: The text and the fonts you opt to use must be clear and easily understandable.

Description: It should be simple, relevant, and clear so that your prospective customers understand your product well.

Highlights: Highlights made on your description always attract your customers.

Images and illustrations: You should note that images and texts are complimentary. Images are important because they give a vivid visual impression to your customers. They must be high of high quality and also taken from different angles. Remember the customers need to see the real product that they saw online. Images used in your product description should meet the following:

  1. High-resolution. It should be sharp and look real. Avoid blurred images.
  2. Professionally shot and edited.
  3. Simple clean and clear background. It always gives a clear sight of the image.
  4. The image should be taken from different angles.
  5. Lastly, maximize the space provided on the product page for images. Preferably 80-85 percent.

There are other factors to consider on how to write your product description content. They include:

  • Know your target audience. Some products are meant for a certain group of people customers while others don’t have limitations on who should use them.
  • Understand your product very well regarding the features and specifications.
  • Convince your prospective customers about why they should buy the product.
  • Also, guide them on when and where they can use the product.
  • Use bullets and short, relevant, and precise key points to state the main features of the product. It’s vital since most online shoppers just scan through the product description.

Online commerce is about trust and confidence between sellers and buyers. Product descriptions are the way your products talk with your customers to finally convince them to purchase your product.

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