How To Find Amazon Influencers

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Jul 4, 2021

July 4, 2021

Retail giant Amazon is responsible for nearly half of all online sales in the USA, and it makes perfect sense to start selling on Amazon. However, this opportunity brings stiff competition with millions of products competing for the same buyers.

If you are looking for an innovative method to put your product in front of the right customers, then Amazon Influencers are your answer.
More than 45% of micro-influencer followers say that they have tried what influencers have recommended, so you are guaranteed to get sales through this method.

Who are Amazon Influencers?

It is a micro-influencer who establishes themselves as an authority in a specific niche on social media and influences their followers’ buying decisions on the Amazon marketplace.

Micro-influencer has to be established on social media, be it TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook.

On Instagram alone, the influencer marketing industry is worth 1.7 billion dollars which means it works.

How To Find Amazon Influencers?

The most crucial thing with this advertising method is finding the right fit influencer; otherwise, you will just waste your money. Here are some points that can help you find the right Amazon Influencer:

1. Know Your Audience

Who follows your brand on social media? Who comments on your posts? Then this is who makes up an ideal audience and most likely to buy your products.

Check the insight to see the best and worst-performing posts so that you can gauge the type of content they are looking for to keep them coming for more.

2. Search Hashtags

Hashtags such as #amazonstyle, #amazonambassador, and #amazoninfluencer will help you find general influencers. When you combine these with hashtags such as #dogbed if you are selling dog beds or #catshirts if you are in the cat niche, you will locate suitable influencers.

3. Research Top Buyers

Check your sales analytics to find out your top buyer since someone who buys from you repeatedly makes the ideal customer.

If the repeat buyer has a good engagement on social media, they make the ideal influencer for your brand.

Note: This method is ideal if you sell in multiple channels such as Shopify and Esty. It is not advisable to contact your Amazon buyers directly or you lose your seller central account.

4. Consult Amazon Influencers

You can also find influencers through Amazon Influencers to Amazon Associates programs.

5. Use A Tool

There are different tools you can use to find Amazon influencers, both free and paid.

10 Tools To Help You Find The Right Influencer

1. Awario

Awario follows up on keyword and brand mentions online. This can help you search for influencers who use a specific search term or when you are spying on your competitors.

This tool rates influencers based on their reach and number of followers. It rates bloggers on the number of daily visitors.

Plans begin at $29/month, and there is a complimentary trial.

2. Klear

It is a freemium platform that divides influencers into 60 000 different categories, psychographics, and demographics.

It tracks the results of your campaigns which comes in handy when making decisions on which campaign to kill and which to keep.

Klear has audience demography, keywords, audience size, location, and social media network filters.

3. Traackr

Traackr has a database of influencers which makes it easy to find the suitable influencer and helps you track campaigns from all influencers.

4. Upfluence

Upfluence has its influencer database and standard filters but what set it apart is that you can filter between real and fake influences. It also helps you know what kind of content particular influencer posts and at what time.

It also gives you the posting price for both Instagram and YouTube.You can also track your campaigns, just like in the Traackr.

For 500 calls, it will cost you $795 but don’t you think it is worth it?

5. Buzzsumo

Find the content that performs best
Collaborate with the influencers who matter

Looking for highly engaged influencers? Then Buzzsumo is your tool, just enter your keyword, and you will find highly engaging content around the topic.

The price begins at $99/month.

6. Heepsy

Heepsy auto-filter fake influencers, estimate cost per post, and show post consistency and growth rates, simplifying your work.

The paid plan starts at $49/month.

7. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor concentrates on Instagram and YouTube. It auto-filter fake Influencers and has filters such as engagement, location, demographics, and reach.

There is a free, pay-as-you-go, and fixed plans starting at $299/month.

8. NinjaOutreach

The platform concentrate on Instagram and Twitter. With NinjaOutreach you will have access to both email addresses and social media profiles.

You can track your campaign’s conversions, email open rate, replies, and clicks. You can also see how much influencers charge per post.

There is a one-week trial period and paid plans starting at $49/month.

9. BuzzStream

This tool displays contact info, social media profiles, and even contacts the influencer right on the platform.

BuzzStream has a team that measures the result of each campaign.

Plans start from $24/month.

10. GroupHigh

GroupHigh is the most extensive bloggers database around, so there is enough contact info waiting for you.

They also hunt high-engaging influencers from YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter while filtering out fake accounts.

They have a one-week free trial and paid plans starting at $179/month.

What Type of Influencer To Choose For Your Brand?

Micro-influencers (influencers with followers between 10,000 to 100,000 followers) are the best when selling on Amazon, and here why:

1. Affordable

the rock as an influencer

Who would not like to advertise with “The Rock” Johnson but to do so, you have to per with $1,015,000 per Instagram post. All mega social media stars charge highly for every post, making them extremely expensive for most stores.

Luckily cost to advertise with micro-influencers is within the budgets of most Amazon sellers since the cost per 1 000 subscribers is estimated to be:

  • $25 for Facebook
  • $10 for Instagram
  • $2 for Twitter
  • $10 for Snapchat
  • $20 for 1000 YouTube subscribers

2. Improved Authenticity

Today, celebs and forced collaboration is a big no for most people. People want influencers who care about products they are promoting, and a study shows that micro-influencers are 10% more likely to influence buying decisions than macro-influencers.

3. High Engagement

Because micro-influencers don’t have a massive fan following, they can connect with their fans on personal level. On average, micro-influencers have a 3.6% engagement rate, while macro-influencers get a 1.5% engagement rate.

4. Niched Audience

The size of micro-influencer is relatively small; chances are their audience follows them only because of their interest. This helps you reach out to a highly targeted audience for your brand.

Also since influencer works within the given niche, they can give a great description and recommendation. Hence your promotion is better and genuine.

5. Great Working Relationship

Micro-influencers go above and beyond to meet their clients’ need to show appreciation for people who notice them and value what they do.

How to Connect With Amazon Influencers?

Find the influencers where they are

The biggest challenges Amazon sellers have is getting influencers’ attention and engaging them. One of the reason micro-influencer they stand out is authenticity, and for that reason, they want to provide their followers with most honest opinions.

Thus, you need to be careful about approaching them and always ensuring you form a relationship with them before asking for a collaboration. Here are some steps which might help you when connecting with the desired Amazon influencer:

1. Follow Them

Now that you have found the micro-influencer you would like to work with, choose the social media platform to use and follow them there.

2. Engage With Them

Like, comment, share their content to show appreciation of their work, and when your name pops up severally, they will notice you.

You can mention them in your guest blog posts, giving you an organic introduction to the influencer.

You can send a sample product to the influencer at this point, which will increase the chance of them working with you.

3. Contact Them

While messaging them on the platform may seem a good idea, influencers get overwhelmed with direct messages. Instead, use the email on their bio or link to their website and send an email to them.

Keep your pitch simple. Imagine that influencers get hundreds of emails daily; this means they don’t have time to go through all the emails they receive, so keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

You should explain what is on your mind: if you are interested in sponsored posts or giveaways.

How To work With Amazon Influencers?

Choose Your Campaign

There are different methods you can choose to work with an influencer to increase your Amazon sales. These includes:

1. Giveaway Campaign

If you are looking to grow your social media following, you can give influencers products to give their followers after following your account. This kind of campaign receives a lot of engagement as people see this as a chance to get your products free.

You may also get sales from those who didn’t get your product, as those who got provide social proof through testimony your product is of high quality.

This method has its own risk since some people who follow you only want free stuff and are not interested in your brand. This can lead to a sharp decline of followers after the end of the contest. Also, you might be hit by fake accounts and bots for people who want more than one product.

2. Sponsored Post

In this case, you sponsor the influencer to create a promotional for you; you will have to compensate the influencer to create the post.

3. Gifts – Product Seeding

Here you send the influencer a free product in the hope you will receive free publicity. This helps you build a long-term relationship with the influencer and get a first-hand experience of your product. If the influencer likes your product, then you get a positive social media review.

When you get a positive review, don’t forget to send the product link and promotional code to get Amazon sales.

4. Brand Ambassador

If you find people who love and appreciate your product, then you have a chance to take influence marketing to the next level. The brand ambassador shares videos, images, and blog posts online on an ongoing basis.

Define Your Expectation

Define your expectation or expect unexpected

No matter how short your campaign is or how small your budget is, it is essential to clearly state what you expect the influencer to deliver before starting the campaign. Your marketing goals and strategies, and other expectations, must be clear.

Here are some tips that can help you in this process:

1. What Is The Scope Of Work?

You should be specific as possible; for example, if you want a video for a Facebook post, you should mention how long the video should be and how many hashtags to be included.

You should include the type of call to action you want and if you want hashtags, links, and tags in the post. Don’t leave any unclear information or disagreement in the contract.

2. What Will Be Delivery Format?

Are you looking for video content? Then should this video be delivered in AVI or MP4 format? Are you looking for written content? Should this content be sent as an email message or as a Google Doc? Be as clear as possible.

3. What is Your Review and Approval Process?

Are you working with the influencer for the first time? Then you need to review the work before they publish.

If you have worked with them before and you are confident of their work, you can publish it directly.

Do you have a deadline? Then it would help if you let the influencer know this before they start working on the project.

4. How will Amazon influencers include disclosure?

To ensure you avoid all violations, you should follow FTC disclosure guidelines regarding sponsored social media contents.

You have to let the influencer know this before you start the contract.

5. Future Use Of Influencer-Created Content

The biggest gain of using an influencer is the content they create for your brand and how you can re-purpose it in the future.

If you intend to use the images, videos, and other content created by an influencer in the future, you have to disclose this before you begin the contract.

Give Amazon Influencers Creativity Freedom

Give Influencers Space to be Creative

The influencer has created the brand, which makes them so effective in engaging with their followers.

This means even if you want to approve the content before they can post, encourage them to be creative to be consistent with what their followers expect.

How To Track Amazon Influencers Impact?

Even though influencer has become successful marketing, 52% of marketers have challenges of calculating their ROI. You need to know how to track influencer marketing to determine what works and what doesn’t work to refine your future campaigns.

Note: You need to set goals for your marketing campaign and measure your success based on them.

You can check how profitable your campaign is through your Amazon seller central. Also, consider conversions, post engagement, post reach, clicks, brand awareness, and follower count.

Get Sales With Amazon Influencers

Research shows 82% of people who get a recommendation from an influencer are likely to take the recommended action.

This shows how easy it is to get sales using Amazon Influencers without a lot of work from your side.

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