14 easy Way to Get Amazon Reviews

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Oct 7, 2020

October 7, 2020

92% of customers check Amazon reviews online before making a purchase, so reviews can make or break your listing. Therefore you must know how to get Amazon reviews on Amazon quickly and regally. 

What you need to know 

  • Amazon will remove or make any review unverified for products purchased with a discount code greater than 50%.
  • Amazon will remove any review where you have a close connection with the reviewer. 

So how do you get Amazon reviews

1. Amazon Early Reviewer Program

The Amazon Early Reviewer Program is an Amazon internal launch program intended to help you ask for reviews from those who purchase your product.

The reviewer gets something in return for giving their honest review of your product. 

How does it work? 

  • You sign up for the program.
  • You submit on SKU to be promoted by Amazon for reviews from specific, pre-vetted reviewers.
  • It cost $60/SKU. You will be charged when you get the first review or year after registering for the program.

How do you join?

Login to your seller central account and click on the “advertising” tab, and the drop down menu, click on the Early Reviewer Program. 

Is it worth it? 

Here is what some users thinks about it:


“It’s worth it, but it took a while to get reviews, but once I got couple reviews, I got traction and sales” – Ron H.

“Yes, but your product and listing needs to be topnotch” – Misha C.

“I use it with every product I launch” – Eileen P


“No guarantee that the first review will be positive, and the first review being negative is bad news” –John H.  

Two Concerns When Using Amazon Early Reviewer Program

It can take 2 – 3 months to get the first review.

If you get the first negative review can make your listing not to get sales. 

2. Positive Feedback 

Many people don’t know there is a difference in customer reviews and customer feedback. 

Seller feedback deals with

  • How well does the seller communicate?
  • How was the shipping process 

Product reviews deals with 

  • Product quality and usability
  • If the product matches the expectation 
  • They are found on the product detail page 

Email all customers who left positive feedback requesting them to leave a product review. 

3. Customer service   

Customer may contact you for

  • To ask you questions before purchase 
  • Technical support after purchase 
  • To return a product

You can ask for reviews after providing them with what they need, and most of them will be happy to leave a positive review.

4. Packaging Insert 

Packaging inserts are printed materials that you can add to your packages when sending them to your customers. They are the size of a postcard or business card, and they carry a marketing message. 

You can ask your customers to leave a positive review on the packaging insert but avoid the word positive reviews on your message since it is against Amazon policy. 

We have complied a list of tools that might help you gain advantage on Amazon. You should have a look if you plan to gain a competitive edge on Amazon.

5. ManyChat 

The idea is to retarget your customers on social media to get more product reviews, and improve your conversion rate to reach higher rankings. ManyChat is a massager bot that you can use to offer a gift card in exchange for participating in a survey. 

Survey will:

  • Offer a discount on the next order
  • Ask for feedback so that you can improve your product
  • Only ask for product review only from satisfied buyers 

6. RebateKey

Amazon marketplace has become so competitive, and coupons and rebates might boost sales and edge competition.

More than half of online buyers search for discounts and coupons before they buy. Three quarters are likely to purchase if you offer a rebate. 

With RebateKey, an online coupon and rebate platform will help boost sales where your customers can enjoy up to 100% cashback for the product they buy on Amazon.  

7. Email List 

If you have already built an email list, you can send people on your list directly to the product detail page when launching a new product. Your email list is likely to produce satisfied customers who are likely to leave a positive review. 

You can also ask those who purchase to leave a positive review and, in return, offer them a refund through PayPal. 

8. Amazon Vine 

Amazon Vine Program will help you generate valuable Amazon reviews from most trusted reviewers. It is free to join, but your product needs to meet some criteria:

  • No adult, applications, or digital software products.
  • You should be brand registered 
  • Be a professional seller
  • The product should have less than 30 reviews
  • The product should be under Amazon FBA 
  • Have enough inventory 
  • The listing page should have a description, title and images 

9. Amazon Reviews Facebook Groups 

There are many groups on Amazon where you can give products away in exchange for positive Amazon reviews.

This can cause your Amazon seller account to be suspended since if someone messaged you on Amazon asking for their refund can raise suspicion from Amazon.  

10. Family and Friends 

This is against Amazon TOS, and Amazon is good at detecting connections between sellers and reviewers.

They check IP addresses and shipping addresses to detect connections.  

11. Zombie Accounts

Amazon sellers are creating fake accounts to get reviews on their product pages. Mostly Chinese sellers are creating fake accounts to accumulate thousands of reviews. 

12. Deleting reviews

Some Amazon employees accept bribes to delete negative reviews, and it costs around $300 to delete a single review. 

13. Barry negative reviews 

When you have terrible 1-star Amazon reviews, you can up vote the best reviews to increase their visibility while decreasing negative reviews’ visibility. 

14. Review Removal 

Amazon can help you remove some of the Amazon reviews. If reviews have URLs or offensive language then Amazon will remove them for you.  

For product fulfilled by Amazon, then Amazon is willing to remove a fulfillment based review. 


Launching on Amazon continues to become harder and harder as many sellers join the platform. However, this is good for you if you can apply the methods above when launching since it winds out the competition for you.

Do you have a method you use to get Amazon reviews that we haven’t covered? Please leave a comment below. 

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