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Oct 9, 2020

October 9, 2020

The clock starts just after signing up your Amazon Sellers Account since you will start being billed after 30 days. You should be game on from the first day you sign up to avoid losing money with an account that is not making you money. 

But let not jump ahead of ourselves; there are things you need for your registration process. Let go through them to give you a quick understanding of the process.

Amazon Sellers Account Checklist  

For your registration process to go through, you need several documents; otherwise, your registration will not go through. 

  1. Business Information 

You need a business with a legal name, contact information, and address. A business address can be your home or company headquarters address.

A business name doesn’t have to match your company name and is what customers see when buying from you.  

2. Email Address 

This email will be used with your account and is where you receive the verification email, so it should be ready and running. 

3. Credit Card

You need a varied credit card for your verification to go through. Amazon needs international and chargeable card where they will deduct their Pro subscription fee.   

Later they will deduct your fees from your earnings when you start earning.

4. Phone Number

This phone number will be used during registration, so keep it nearby to receive the registration code. You can choose to receive your PIN as a call or text. 

5. Tax ID

You need the company’s Federal Tax ID Number or your Social Security number. 

6. State Tax ID

You need your State tax ID information for states in which you have tax nexus.

7. Bank Account

Bank Account

To set up a deposit setup, you need a local bank account. If you register as a USA Amazon seller when abroad, you can register for a Payoneer card to help when receiving your money. 

Different Plans to Choose From 

There are three different plans to choose from when setting up your Amazon Sellers Account:

Amazon Individual Account: If you plan to sell less than 40 units a month, this suits you since you will have to pay $0.99 for every product you sell, plus other transaction fees.

Amazon Professional Account: This is great if you plan to sell more than 40 units since you will pay a flat $39.99 per month without the need to pay $0.99 for every sale.

Amazon Vendor: If you are a manufacturer, then you can sell your products to Amazon on wholesale. They will handle listing, shipping and everything else needed to make sales, then order more when they runout.

Set Up Your Seller Profile

Now that your account is active, you should take things even further. Think of profile as your Amazon storefront, where you show visitors your uniqueness. The seller profile has the following sections. 

About Seller Section: Here, you show who you are, your company philosophy, how you started, and your journey.  

Your Seller Logo: Your logo will be displayed on the offer listing page, on your storefront, and the glance page. 

Return and Refund Policy: Tell visitors how your return policy works, where they should send the products, and the duration it will take to process the refund. 

Fees to Pay to Keep Amazon Sellers Account Running 

Like any online marketplace, there are fees that you need to pay to keep your Amazon Sellers Account running. 

You don’t need to manually take care of this since Amazon will automatically cut their fees from your proceedings before sending your money to the back.

However, you need to know how these fees work to know right from the bat to make a profit.

Seller Fees: If you are a professional seller, you need to pay $39.99 a month for seller fees even when you don’t make any sale. If you choose to be an individual seller, you will have to pay $.99 for every sale you make.  

Referral Fees: Amazon will charge you a referral fee for every sale you make. The referral fee varies from one category to the next; however, it doesn’t go beyond 15%.    

Shipping Cost: If you decide to use Amazon FBA to fulfill your orders, you need to calculate your (shipping cost from the manufacturer to Amazon + Fulfilment cost). If you decide to fulfill the orders on your own, you need to consider the shipping cost from the manufacturer to the customer’s address. 

Fees to Pay to Keep Amazon Sellers Account Running 

Inventory Cost: You have to consider how much it cost you to buy the product from the manufacturer. 

Stock Removal Fee: This is the fee that you will be charged to remove unsold products from the Amazon warehouse. 

Inventory Placement Fees: You will be charged this fee if you want the control of which Amazon warehouse your product will be shipped from.  

FBA Export Fee: This fee will be charged when you ship the product to an international customer. 

Pick and Pack Fee: Your package’s size determines this fee, and you will only be charged if you are an FBA seller. 

Monthly Storage Inventory Fee: When using Amazon warehouse, you will be charged monthly rent fee for products storage.

Amazon Sellers Account Suspension

Yea, now your account is up and learning, but you have to know Amazon may suspend your account. Here are the seven reasons why Amazon might suspend your seller central account. 

Go through them, and it might save you time and headache when trying to contact Amazon to reinstate your account. 

In the end, I will introduce you to someone who can help you save your account. 

1. Failure to Address Intellectual Property Complaints 

Intellectual property law deals with copyrights, trade dress trademarks, and patents. Usually, Amazon will notify you when the owner of copyright, trademark, or patent claims infringement against Amazon. 

They only remove the affected listing and give you a chance to solve the standoff with the copyright owner.

If you continue to ignore several complaints, then Amazon will suspend your Amazon Sellers Account. 

How to Solve This

Contact the right owner and work things out to get the complaint withdrawn; however, this process can be challenging if you have ignored several complaints. 

2. Running More Than One Amazon Sellers Account

You are not allowed to run multiple Amazon sellers account without prior approval. Amazon monitors account sharing a physical address, Tax ID, email, bank info, or IP address.  

How to solve this 

Even if you have more than one business that needs separate accounts, you have to ask for permission before setting a new account. 

Don’t allow anyone to access their account using your network or CPU to avoid mistaken association. 

3. To Prevent Loss of Funds 

If Amazon suspects your seller’s accounts is being hacked, they will just suspend it. Amazon has seen an increase in cases where hackers have changed Amazon Sellers Account details, mostly banking information, and funds transfer to overseas bank accounts.    

How to solve this 

Avoid public internet when using your account and enable the 2-step verification process of your Amazon sellers account. 

4. Selling Restricted Products 

You are not allowed to sell unsafe, illegal, or other restricted products on their platform. 

How to Solve This

Set time every month to go through the list of prohibited products and their policies. 

If you have already received the suspension, you need to remove the listing and contact Amazon to reinstate your Amazon sellers account. 

5. Counterfeit Complaints 

Counterfeit Complaints 

These complaints will mostly be made by buyers who are unhappy with your product, but Amazon takes them seriously.   

How to solve this

Always be fast to respond to buyers’ complaints; also, since damaged goods are categorized as counterfeit goods, you should package your products well to avoid breakage.

6. Copyright Infringement

When you create an Amazon listing with someone else content, both – images, text, or images can cause your account to be suspended. 

How to solve this 

Amazon expects you to solve the issue with the one who raised it, which can be difficult. 

Always use materials that you own when creating your Amazon listing. If you are facing difficulty when optimizing your listing, we can do it for you. Feel free to contact us and we will help you with your listing. 

7. Unauthorized Sales

Unauthorized Sales

Suppose you are reported to sell products that you are not authorized to sell by manufacturers (some manufacturers only allow certain distributors to sell their products). In that case, your account will be suspended. 

How to solve this

This is the easiest to solve, all you need to do is contact Amazon, and your Amazon sellers account will be reinstated within no time. 

Who Can Help You to Lift the Suspension? 

Getting your Amazon sellers account back after being suspended can be frustrating, and you lose money when it is suspended. 

If you ever need help getting your account back after being suspended, feel free to contact these lawyers, and you will get your account back within days. 

Start Selling

Use the tips and tips above to start selling on Amazon and keep your Amazon Sellers Account up and running. Please feel free to leave a comment if you feel like we have left something out.     

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