Is e-commerce profitable now?

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Sep 1, 2020

September 1, 2020

I have no doubt in saying that e-commerce is a profitable business. The e-commerce industry is rapidly growing and has attracted many investors. However, any industry can experience both profit and loss. What makes the eCommerce viable to invest in is the whole idea of profit-making. If any business is not well managed in its entire operations then there is a high probability of making a loss. Being an investor in this field, you should have a profit-making mindset always.

 Research has revealed that e-commerce business is expanding internationally. This makes it a promising business to venture into. Digitalization too has taken roots worldwide due to the advancement in technology. Most people are coping very first with modern technology. E-commerce business being an online platform will be more friendly and conversant with these people. That’s why I strongly tell you that it’s a good choice once you think of taking this path of investing in the e-commerce industry.  Here is a good analogy. Documented statistics have shown that in developed countries, most people dwell in metropolitan areas and spend four to five hours on average on online shopping weekly. Still, over fifty percent of Americans prefer to shop online rather than paying visits to physical stores. This saves their time. So don’t relent. It’s the high time you make the move.

 Unlike most physical businesses, E-commerce has substantially less expensive such as office space, office equipment, employee or staff, and product on hand. Once you have set your e-commerce business, you just need a laptop and a stable internet connection and run everything smoothly.

On the other hand, if you are a startup in the e-commerce industry it’s a bit challenging before you achieve your set targets. This should not shut you down and withdraw. There are some strategies you can use to overcome this challenge. First, do comprehensive research on the e-commerce industry to equip you with the relevant information for running your business efficiently. Second, it’s advisable you open your store with hot selling products that are of high demand by your prospective shoppers. You should also get involved in good product descriptions and product listing optimization on your products. This is important in any e-commerce business.  Amazon, Alibaba, JumoreGlobal, and other online market places make use of this. It enables their products to rank top hence increment in their market sales.

As much as you aim at making profits in your e-commerce business, there is a lot that you need to do. Therefore for your business to be profitable and successful, you need to put into consideration a number of factors.

  • Product- you need a compelling product that will make people buy your product.
  • Marketing- put your product in front of the people who are most likely to want it.
  • Inventory management- Good inventory management and order management are very important.
  • Services- You should provide excellent customer services. You need to give them reasons to make a purchase. These reasons can be anything from good product images and good reviews to secure payment gateway, fast delivery, an easy returns policy, and someone who is always answering queries and complaints.

Loss-making e-commerce firms can drive towards profitability by either reducing costs or pushing up gross margins.

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