Is it okay to copy product descriptions?

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Sep 1, 2020

September 1, 2020

HEY!! THIS IS A MUST NO DO THING. Any content posted on any online site should be unique. When it comes to product description this is not an exception. The basic idea of writing a good product description is to differentiate your product from other similar products in other online market stores. Be it on Amazon, eBay, or Flip kart e-commerce sites, you need to have in mind that the more unique your description is the more compelling it becomes.

Copying product descriptions is illegal because some have copyright adhering to them. Therefore doing this can get you sued by the content owners. It normally happens but the content owners will quickly reach out to you requiring you to remove your contents or else they can sue you. See now! Don’t let it reach that point. Just take your time and draft a special description of your own.

The main reason behind writing a distinctive product description is that by copying you can affect your SEO badly. Every writer uses different keywords.  Do you want to mislead your potential online shoppers? Surely this is a threat to your sales as it will scale down your competitive advantage.  For instance, the use of relevant keywords really helps in product ranking on Amazon. As Amazon is more popular and highly ranked on SEO, posting content that is similar to theirs on your website will make you get sued for plagiarism.

On the other hand, there exists a special scenario. Brand owners would like the information regarding their product to be consistent in all online market places and follow their brand guidelines. Here your high level of creativity comes in. This is so because you need to balance between the consistencies of the content as well as ensure that your product description is unique and compelling.

At times it’s possible that no one sues you for copyright infringement on your product description. It’s advisable to seek your eCommerce site partners. At this point am assuming you are selling their products. If so, they will surely grant you permission to use their content. Still, the product description can also be used by product manufacturers. This now makes your description legal. Always take note that if the description is of Amazon a problem might arise. They might sue you for copyright infringement. You need to know that the use of product descriptions written by others without the legal permission of the company that owns the product is legal.

Lastly, Google contains strict rules on plagiarism and this brings a negative effect on your website ranking. Hence you need to understand that the use of copied content in writing your product description is a poor decision. In fact, it withdraws your credibility among all customers who know about it. You end up losing their trust and therefore you drive them away. This will automatically rank you low in the online sites and your store sale rates also decline.

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