Rebaid, A New and Easy Amazon Product Launch Method

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May 10, 2021

May 10, 2021

95% of business who launch on Amazon fails since for a product to sell, it needs to rank high, and for the product to rank high, it needs to sell. This means after launching, your product will not even appear in search results, and without appearing on the search result, no one will find your product leave alone buy it.

If you want to succeed on Amazon, you have to accept that you might have to operate on break-even point (BEP) or even accept losses during the launching phase. The goal is to improve ranking rather than make a profit – be ready to spend a little.

Offer Rebate To Get Sales

Rebaid has a three-step strategy to help you while launching on Amazon. It helps you create rebates for your products on Amazon, where customers can buy products at a full cost, and then they claim a refund through Rebaid site. You can set your rebate at any desired percentage, but it would give a full refund to get the first few sales.

The second step is to get reviews and rebaid have a follow-up message service that helps you get reviews of your products. Once the customer has made the purchase and gotten back their money, you can send a follow-up message to garner reviews for your product. You can also request shoppers to subscribe to your newsletters or follow your social media pages!

Offer Rebate To Get Sales

With few sales and reviews, it is possible to run a profitable PPC campaign on the Amazon marketplace.

Search-Find-Buy (SFB) Tactic

Would you like to rank your Amazon products on given high-value keywords? Then Search Find Buy is your best tactic. With rebaid, you can direct shoppers to buy your products through specific keywords, and this will look like organic sales to the Amazon algorithm, helping you to rank high on these keywords.

Repaid, use this method to create Amazon click-through in real-time. They make sure shoppers enter the desired keywords in the Amazon search bar, locate your product on the results page, click on it, and make a purchase.

The customer is in the driver’s seat following your direction, so there is no way Amazon can suspect any manipulation. Customer is more likely to click and buy your product since you direct them where to find the product through your directions and pictures.

Success of Search-Find-Buy

Even if you offer a discount or give the product for free, your search direction must be clear for people to buy your product and likely gain the Amazon choice badge.

Vague phrases could make customers lose interest in your product; here are few tips to succeed with the SFB tactic:

  • Include pictures and other important information: A clear product picture and other information such as the listing title will fast-track the buying process.
  • Keep the page number and keywords up to date: The information where the product is located on the search is essential, so you should keep updating it as ranking changes organically.
  • Keep instructions short: The direction information should have all the information but straight to the point.
  • Number your instruction: Instruct in a numbered format so that if customers get confused midway they can easily retrace their steps.

This method is successful in product launch since the customer search, find and purchase your brand’s products independently.

An Example Search Find Buy

You can ask customers to search on the Amazon marketplace for the term “dog water bottle” and scroll down until they locate a dog water dispenser that costs $14.84. You should also attach a clear picture of your product.

The customer would have to search for your product on Amazon with the help of given instructions until they find it. Instructions may contain:

  • Current page, the product is located.
  • The main image of the product.
  • The full listing title.
  • Its price.

Why Use Rebaid For Search Find Buy Tactic

Repaid has millions of shoppers looking for discounted Amazon products which you have direct access to. So when you set up an SFB offer, they display the instructions directly on their site as part of the rebate redemption process.

Why Use Rebaid For Search Find Buy Tactic

This would save you the time it would take to build Facebook chatbots if you decided to use other small companies who depend on bots to find shoppers to purchase their products.

Best Use for Search Find Buy Tactic

You need to ensure the keyword you go after has high volume search results on Amazon to realize a return on your investment.

Rebaid messaging system

Amazon sellers are used to doing follow up with customers after they buy with email; while this can help getting reviews, its click-through rate (CTR) is 3.42%. This means that most of your emails will end up not generating the desired outcome.

Some people almost mark all advertising emails as spam since their inbox get flooded by advertisement-oriented messages.

Americans check their phone 300+ times daily on average; this make rebaid messaging system the best for sending follow-up messages to your customers.

The higher message engagement levels will help you get a high number of newsletter subscribers, social media page followers, or a high number of product reviews.

Amazon Super URLs

Amazon loves sales generated from external traffic, and that what makes Super URLs important when it comes to ranking. Super URL is a URL that replicates specific parameters that shows Amazon the exact source of the click.

You can tweak your super URL so that Amazon can see sales of your product coming from a particular search term. This will help improve your product ranking on this particular keyword, and if you choose a search term with a high search volume, you will have a lot of sales per month.

How do Super URLs Work?

When on Amazon, I am sure you have noticed a long string at the end of the link to a listing that looks like gibberish. This link shows Amazon algorithm, which keyword was searched before landing on to the specific listing.

This shows that I searched for keyword beauty to land on that listing, and if I purchased that specific listing, then that listing will rank higher on the keyword beauty.

The “sr” section shows the position of this specific product was during the time I searched on the given keyword, in this case, 8th.

Amazon A9 search algorithm is all about connecting relevant listings with customer searches. When many customers buy a product after searching for a particular keyword, then the product’s ranking goes up for the given search term.

“Qid” in the Amazon URL shows the exact time the search happened, which is the exact number of seconds since January 1st, 1970.

Amazon avoids manipulation, by tracing back purchase from a single source, and ignore multiple purchases from the same source.

How to Use Super URLs

If a seller clicks a static Super URL (link with the same timestamp and identifier) and make a purchase, then all other purchases from this link will be termed as duplicate sales. This means that the ranking system will omit all other sales that came from that link.

It would be best if you had dynamic super URLs (links with different timestamps and identifiers), to make each external click a unique new search.

You have to ensure that a high percentage of people you send to your listing with dynamic super URLs make a purchase. The goal of the Amazon search engine is to optimize sales, so if your super URL is only generating clicks without sales, then that listing will rank lower for the given search term. Luckily there is a way to know which search terms have high purchasing likelihood.

Is Super URL Allowed on Amazon?

Amazon does not explicitly mention super URLs, but it does mention that any manipulation of ranking is against their TOS.

Is Super URL Allowed on Amazon

Amazon can track manipulation by cross-examining search rankings, timestamps, and keywords. So you must ensure you use well sophisticated Super URL generator to avoid the danger of running afoul of Amazon.

How to Run Super URL Like a Pro

To make Amazon sales, your listing must stay up and running, but that is not enough to make money. So it would help if you run a super URL like a pro to help you rank high on essential keywords and not have your Amazon account closed.

Rebaid has made this easy on your part since you only have to give them details about your listing and the keyword you want to rank for. They do the rest for you to ensure your Amazon account stays healthy and you rank high.

If you have a problem finding highly searched keywords with a high likelihood of having successful sales, I am willing to help.


To make it on Amazon, your account must stay healthy, and also make sales. That why you need tools; search us Rebaid on your corner to help with your journey to success.

Feel free to contact us if you have a problem with your listing, and we will be happy to help you win it big on Amazon.

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