Use Instagram Influencers to Make Amazon Sales

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Jul 4, 2021

July 4, 2021

Anybody now can produce content thanks to technology. Many people are producing content that is gaining attention, and this attention enables them to become advertisers.

Who is an influencer?

  1. An influencer must own a social media account like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook Page
  2. Should have a great relationship with their followers

An influencer is a person who has a sizable following on social media. As an Amazon seller, you can leverage that following and at the same time help influencer make money by recommending your products to his/her followers.

How Can you use Influencer?

a. Validation

An influencer can save you a lot of money by helping you spot a problem with a product before placing an order on Alibaba.

Save Money with Influencers before Placing order on Alibaba

For example, an influencer helped me spot a problem with packaging before placing an order for our product from China.

b. Storytelling

Is your ideal customer is Gen-Z or millennials? Then forget about optimizing for search and come up with a shareable story. Influencers are great at telling a story.

Customers are growing resistant to ads for privacy reasons and what they value most is recommendations by friends and experts they know and respect.

You can use programs such as Referazon to help you find influencers who are already promoting similar products from your competitors and who are willing to endorse your product.

Use Referazon to find influencers

Influencers may help create an emotional connection between your products and their followers. Buying from Amazon doesn’t only rely on the algorithm but also on emotional connection.

c. Content Creation

Influencers are exceptional content creators and may help you create high converting ads, catalogs, storefronts, and more.

Let influencers create great content that you can use on your product listing, social media, product package, ads, landing page, testimonial, and more.

d. Niche Influence

If your brand deals with a specific niche, you should look for influencers in that niche who can deliver ideal customers to you.

e. Influence

Influencers can change audience action, which could be great when you want to increase sales on Amazon.

f. Gain Trust

Influencers communities trust them, and they can pass some of that to you when they promote your brand or product. The audience who are passed to you can become your community if you continue engaging them. You will be having an army willing to defend you and speak on your behave online if things go sideways.

g. Email List Alternative

Email lists are not as engaging as they used to be, and you need to find an alternative. For instant, your followers on Instagram are always happy to hear from you. So get help from influencers to grow your social media platform to increase engagement.

h. Marketing Strategies

You may not have enough time to carry out A\B testing on your marketing strategies, but influencers keep trying new methods and tweaking already working methods to fine-tune things.

Ask influencers how they think you should market your products and be shocked by fantastic methods you might learn.

I. Guerrilla Marketing

Dr. Jay Levinson advises people to keep looking for effective ways to sell more for less. Nano influencers are not expensive and will help you grow your brand on a budget.

j. Improved ROAS (return on ad spending)

Amazon love when people bring buyers from other sites and, in return, reward them with increased visibility in search and improved ROAS.

What do you need to use Influencer?

a. Prepare

You should have more than 15 reviews

Your product should have more than 15 reviews of average of higher than 3.5 to have a mob mentality. People on social media are not active buyers; thus, when they visit your product page after being recommended to your product, there should be reviews.

How to find Influencer

You should look for two things to help you identify the right influencer:

a. Must have engaged audience

Check how often they posts and how many likes and comments they get every time they post. The social media algorithm will likely show the subsequent post to someone who likes and comments on someone’s posts.

When on Instagram, look for someone who has more than 5% likes compared to the number of people who follow them. There should also have some comments on every post.

On YouTube, look for someone who can average 33% video views to their total subscribers.

b. The audience must be your target audience.

When you find a potential influencer, you should check several of their audience to check if they are of the ideal age and sex.

What Should Influencer Post?

The influencer’s post should look organic, i.e., the post should look similar to what they usually post to look natural. If the composition, color, and style don’t look the same, followers won’t pay attention.

How much do influencers cost?

Most influencers will cost between $100 to $500, but the price can go much higher for those with a big following. Use email on their bio to contact them and ask them how much they charge.

Which is the best platform to find influencers?

Use Instagram to fine Amazon Influencers

While Facebook and Twitter can bring you sales on Amazon, Instagram is forming itself as the king when it comes to eCommerce. And the ROI it produces speaks for itself. The company has been seeing growth since Facebook acquired it, and in 2019 almost 855 million users were active monthly, and the growth doesn’t seem like is going to slow down.

More than 500 million US adults use the platform daily, and more than 70% of US 13–17-year-old are on the platform. A 40% of the prime buying blanket 30 to 49 years old are also on the platform.

Instagram users are educated and have money.

More than 40% who use the platform are college graduates, and more than 40% of adult in the platform makes more than $75,000 per year and more than 30% of the adult make between $50,000-$74,999.

Benefits of Instagram to Amazon sellers

60% of Instagram users learn about new products through the platform, and at least 200 million members visit the business platform daily.

Higher engagement

A post on Instagram receives 20 times engagement compared to that on Twitter and 15 times that of Facebook.


Influencers will give you feedback, expand your customer base, create brand loyalty and bring ROI, so hire them and pay them like all other Freelancers in cash and not products.

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