What are the best products to sell on Amazon?

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Sep 1, 2020

September 1, 2020

Amazon is one of the largest and well-performing online market sites. Therefore, you will find a huge variety of products in the Amazon store. Every seller strives to ensure that his product rank top on Amazon listing and hence increasing the Store Sale Rate.

You should know by now that product description is the backbone of any successful online business. Apart from embracing product description, sellers should also provide best products for their customers in the store. This now requires you to understand your end customers. You can do some research on what they really want or read from their comments on the site regarding the product.

Either way, this should not bother you much anymore. There are some physical properties you need to have in mind for you to provide the best product at Amazon. They not only give a competitive advantage hence scaling high your business sales but also increase the margin of your profit.

A best product should have the following physical attributes:

 The lighter the product, the less money you spend on shipping and duty fees.

Profitability of the product.

The main aim of any successful business is profit-making. So you need to carefully check on your total costs before setting the product prices. Always the total sales must be higher than the costs for prospect business.


Best products should not be bulky. Less bulky products reduce the excessive shipping and Amazon storage fees.

 Brandable and customizable.

Your product should not be generic (no brand or trademark). Customers’ purchase decisions are driven by product brands. The physical specs should be changed or improved with ease as per the customer’s specifications. Note that if a product is customizable, it can be differentiated into several forms, and this ad on to your competitive advantage.

Availability at other market places.
Ideally, as longs as other online stores are not selling the product, buyers will always purchase a product from the Amazon store.

No instructions needed.

The customer should know what to do with the product as soon as he gets it from the box. Your product should not be complicated when it comes to usage. A good product should not really stress the buyer on how to use it.

Ease of purchase and re-ordering

The product should be easy to purchase. It’s even better if a product can be re-ordered. The second purchase is always easier to make than the first.

Strength and Durability.

Is the product likely to break during shipping or in the hands of the customer? Can it survive an accident like falling down on a concrete ground? Good strength and durability will make your product the best.

You need to get it right this is my own thinking on how the best product should be. There is no doubt that a product with the above spec is best and will rank top on the Amazon store.

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